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BORDWIIS+ “Boosting Regional Development with ICT Innovation Strategies”

BORDWIIS+ was a regional initiative project financed through the INTERREG IVC Programme, Priority 1“Innovation and the knowledge economy”, Intervention Area “Innovation, research and the technology development”.

The project total budget was 1,207,787.76 EUR. The duration of the project was 30 months and the implementation period was from January 2012 until the end of June 2014.

The BORDWIIS+ objectives are: provide European regions with the necessary know-how that enables them to initiate and carry out a smart specialization process concerning the most relevant domains of ICT-based innovation; safeguard and advance successful ICT innovation strategies; exchange experiences and knowledge between the regions;

The sub-objectives are: identify the globally most relevant areas of ICT innovation; assess their potential impact for regional development in Europe; identify ICT innovation strategies; analyze comparative regional ICT inventories; establish an ongoing dialogue between regional stakeholders, policy-makers and businesses, discussing policy approaches, strengths, needs and weaknesses in and between the participating regions; develop implementation plans for boosting regional development; identify interregional cooperation opportunities; exchange experience on collaborative models.

The consortium, consisting of 10 partners from 8 European regions: Regional Development Agency of Asturias/Spain (Lead Partner); CTIC – Information and Communication Technology Center/Spain; Regional Council of Lorraine/France; National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control/France; Region of Tuscany/Italy; Tartu Science Park/Estonia; IFKA Public Foundation for the Development of Industry/Hungary; South-East Regional Development Agency/Romania; University of Wuppertal/Germany; Lund University/Sweden.

South-East Regional Development Agency was involved in the following project implementation activities: analysis of regional innovation policies concerning information technology and communication; identification of best practices in the field of information technology and communications; elaboration of an “ICT inventory” based on regional strength in terms of business, research and development; contribution to the development of the comparative analysis on ICT Inventories and the Common Framework for ICT Innovation Strategies; development of the implementation plan for reviewing the innovation policies in the field of information technology and communications; organizing of local/regional promotion events, involving key regional stakeholders and transferring good practices identified; participation in thematic sessions and study visits concerning innovation policies; implementation of promotional campaigns by publishing press releases, organizing press conferences, distribution of promotion and informative materials.

For detailed information, please access:
PDF Presentation - Regional ICT Policies
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PDF Implementation Plan South-East RDA
PDF Bordwiis Final Report

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