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4GreenInn “Innovations in sustainable management and protection of natural areas”

The project is funded within the second call of the Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme, Priority 2 “Sharing resources and competencies for environmental protection and conservation”, Measure 2.2 “Promoting research and innovation in the field of conservation and environmental protection of protected natural areas.

The implementation period 6 July 2013 – 30 June 2016 and the total budget of the project is 481,085.84 EUR.

The overall objective of the Joint Action is sustainable management of protected natural areas in the Black Sea Basin and development of innovative methods for integrating the protected natural areas in the overall strategies for urban and socio economic development in the partnering regions.

The project specific objectives are: improving partner regions capacity for sustainable management of protected natural areas; promoting effective partnership in the field of sustainable management of protected natural resources based on practical and community significant solutions; establishment and promotion of common informational tool for protected natural areas in the Black Sea region.

The project is implemented by a consortium of three partners: Burgas Municipality (South-East Region, Bulgaria), as coordinator; International Business and Economic Development Agency (Georgia); South-East Regional Development Agency (Romania). The Eco-Museum Research Institute (Romania) is one of the associated partners and supports the project implementation by providing expertise in environmental protection and conservation of natural resources.

SE RDA is responsible for the coordination of the Group of Activities aiming at building the capacity for joint management of protected natural areas. SE RDA is involved in the elaboration of the State of the art research on the current condition of the protected natural areas from the South-East Region of Romania, creation of a common database with information gathered during the research achieved within the partnership, organisation of trainings on sustainable management of protected natural areas. Moreover, SE RDA contributes to the development and promotion of the joint web platform – Black Sea “Ecopedia”- a new informational tool for protected natural areas in the Black Sea Region; sets-up the technical design of Nature Centre for Braila Small Island Natural Park; develops a demonstration model of the innovative methods for utilizing the potential of the protected area – a virtual instrument for monitoring, exploring and interpreting the natural assets; implements the visibility activities for promotion and dissemination of the project.

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